Analytics Insight Publishes E-book Titled“How Healthcare Innovation Can Assure Better Economics Amid Pandemic?”

SAN JOSE, California and HYDERABAD, India, April07, 2020–Analytics Insight, a brand of Stravium Intelligence, has published its new E-book “How Healthcare Innovation Can Assure Better Economics Amid Pandemic?” in April 2020.

The novel coronavirus, a family of viruses, is taking a toll on the global economy, impeding several businesses and organizations across the world. With over 1.3 million confirmed cases in more than 195 countries, maintaining better economics has become an intense challenge for world leaders. However, amid this pandemic, healthcare innovations brought in by technological advancements through disruptive technologies and rising startups can help assure economic certainty.

As the demand for doctors and other medical staffs has upsurged due to rising coronavirus cases, loading them with extreme responsibility and unmatched stress, technologies including robotics, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics are accelerating their offering at the forefront to help track outbreak and assist healthcare providers in various tasks. Analytics Insight’s e-Book “How Healthcare Innovation Can Assure Better Economics Amid Pandemic?” explores the in-depth comprehensions of how various pandemic of the past have hit world economy and how healthcare innovations can help tackle the current plummeting economies across the globe.

The E-book further includes – how different sectors experienced the wrath of pandemics earlier; how coronavirus emerged as a brute taking thousands of lives; an in-depth quantitative analysis of the virus’s behavior in upcoming days, its perilous impact on world growth and business outcomes; the role of the technology industry in tackling pandemic; how healthcare innovations and new-age technologies are ensuring better circumstances; and what contributions rising startups could make amid this economic uncertainty.

Readers will also gain an insight into how different startups are working to prevent the widespread of coronavirus pandemic and what other businesses across the world could learn from these circumstances to be future-ready.

Day-by-day accelerating global pandemic deepens the economic concerns of many, sending shocks through the world economy. However, with the assistance of disruptive technologies and novel innovations across several industries, companies can take actions now to protect their employees and customers and minimize economic damage.

“In this book, we attempted to provide a deep analysis of the effects of various pandemics, their severity on technology and economy with a major focus on the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak. The book serves as a comprehensive guide for technologists, researchers, policy makers in understanding the potential future economic and technological impact of such pandemics and take measures accordingly,” says Ashish Sukhadeve, Founder and CEO, Analytics Insight.

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