Ambra Solutions: Revolutionizing the Metal and Mining Industry with Market-Best Telecom Solutions

Eric L'Heureux - R

Eric L'Heureux - RAmbra Solutions is a telecom engineering company and a turnkey solution provider for industrial customers. Ambra has been designing, building, and supporting robust telecom networks for more than 15 years with both open-pit and underground mines. The company is currently delivering projects in several countries including Canada, the USA, Mexico, and Chile. Ambra Solutions owns a 4G/5G spectrum in Canada and has access to spectrum in several countries.


A Paradigm Shift for Industry 4.0

The mission of the company is to help industrial customers to be more efficient by automating their processes with a robust and reliable telecom network. Most projects using Ambra’s technologies are linked to Industry 4.0 initiatives. COVID increased the number of projects delivered by the company since industries deliver more with less labor available.

Since its inception, Ambra Solutions’ engineers have developed extraordinary expertise in the testing and measurement of communication systems. The team has the skills to perform a wide variety of verification, testing, and measurement for different systems, whether it’s a radio frequency (RF), internet protocol (IP), automotive or industrial applications. Ambra Solutions has access to a wide variety of testing facilities including environmental cold rooms, vibration and mechanical shock control devices, anechoic RF chambers, electrostatic discharge (ESD) testing laboratories, automotive transient test systems, and high-end portable RF testing equipment. The company has trained technicians and engineers who can perform detailed RF studies directly on-site and generate comprehensive reports.


A Resilient Leader Developing Innovative Solutions 

Eric L’Heureux is the CEO of Ambra Solutions. He is always looking to develop innovative solutions that meet industry requirements. He focuses on performing a lot of research and development allowing the company to always be on the leading edge.


Denting the Metal & Mining Industry with Leading Telecom Solutions 

Eric says that Ambra Solutions has been providing telecom solutions to the Metal and Mining industry for over 15 years. The company leverages robust solutions for both Open-pit and underground mines as well as process plants. Ambra has been deploying the world`s deepest LTE network at 3km deep to increase the safety of the workers and to allow the remote operation of several machines at this depth. Ambra’s technology is used by the four main machine OEMs to remotely control their equipment: Caterpillar, Komatsu, Sandvik, and Epiroc.


Soaring to 4G and 5G-high with Tracking Systems 

5G, IoT, and Big data are disruptive technologies for mining companies, claims Eric. 5G allows to have more bandwidth for open-pit mines whereas connected machines and sensors allow mining companies to be much more efficient. He adds that real-time connectivity allows to remotely control equipment, increase the safety of the workers and perform predictive maintenance.

When it comes to disruptive technologies, Eric presumes that Ambra is working with several vendors to make their solution LTE ready. As for the 4G and 5G radios, the company is functioning with both Nokia and Ericsson, which have the best radio on the market. In addition, to provide 100% coverage for both open-pit and underground mines, Ambra manufactures rugged 4G/5G devices and an indoor tracking system. Its indoor tracking system allows mining companies to be more sustainable and reduce their energy consumption by using the Ventilation-on-Demand. Finally, the company is working with Caterpillar, Komatsu, Sandvik, and Epiroc to have high-speed real-time connectivity.


Bequeathing Growth with a Specialized Team 

Eric reveals that Ambra has a team specialized in the design and engineering of network projects. Whether the size of the project is medium or very large, Ambra Solutions has the expertise to carry it out, whether in part or in full. As Ambra is not linked exclusively to a supplier, it seeks the most suitable technology and perfectly matches the needs of its customers. He mentions that the company’s mandate can span several areas of expertise: radiofrequency study, site analysis, project management, technical analysis, up to network infrastructure, and structural engineering. It also offers custom integration and manufacturing of specific equipment to support the network and operations. Ambra also provides advanced IP services for critical IP networks that require a high level of security and reliability.


A String of Invaluable Solutions and Advancements 

With many years of experience in the design of devices for industrial vehicles operating in hostile environments to its credit, Ambra Solutions’ electronic design team has the expertise to create and produce reliable advanced devices that can support and envision futuristic developments. According to Eric, Ambra builds many types of electronic devices such as cables, PoE injectors, and GPS DC switching modules. The company’s goal is to design innovative robust products that will remain functional no matter what environment they are exposed to.

He highlights that Ambra judiciously follows an ISO engineering process so that its engineers and designers can properly assess their new designs. Thanks to this process, its projects are transparent, controlled, documented, punctual, and fully tested before being put into service and sent to production. This process allows the company to offer a guarantee of irreproachable quality. Eric states that in a world of complex technologies where the laws of physics reign, Ambra must be able to trust something that controls the quality of its work. The company’s engineering process was designed for this purpose.


‘LTE’ as a Trigger to Future Endeavours 

Eric proclaims that the future is very exciting for Ambra as new customers are deploying LTE every year. Mining companies using LTE are now more efficient than other companies not using LTE, especially during COVID when remote operation is a must. Now that mining can have 100% coverage, new use cases are being developed. Big data is now available enabling new use cases. He concludes by saying that other vertical markets are also approaching Ambra to have a similar solution.


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