All You Need to Know about Geotagging in 2021

Geotagging Photos and videos allow you to incorporate location information into your image or video, allowing you to know exactly where the photo or video was shot. Use the GPS lite app on every journey and add a unique tagging stamp to make it more memorable.


People related with Business identified with land, Infrastructure, Architecture can undoubtedly apply GPS Map Location stamp to their Site Photos or even take videos with all the on-site GPS details stamped, other than that can create a folder in sequence so that they can keep those media files saved in a well-categorized manner.



Voyagers and Explorers can viably use a Geo-tagging camera, whether you want to snap a picture or create a vlog with, GPS map camera lite app, you can easily add a daytime stamp to your exact location on your photos and videos with ease. GPS Details stamped on your photos and videos will enhance the beauty of your scene, and you will be able to remember it even after years without the fear of forgetting the places you visited.

People who enjoy traveling to various locations around the world can take full advantage of the app, which will provide an exact date, time, location, latitude, longitude, of the exact location stamped on your photos and videos, as well as the ability to adjust the camera and flash settings according to your needs. With a variety of features, this app will be a perfect fit for all those who enjoy traveling to various locations and around the world.


People who work in the police or security department

Those associated with the police force or a security department can take full advantage of such an app, as it will allow them to capture photos and record videos while patrolling at any time of day. All they need to do is capture using the GPS camera lite app, and they will have all the details on the photo or video, including the date, time, stamp, location, latitude, longitude, altitude, and many other stamps.

Food bloggers:

Food bloggers can enhance their encounters by incorporating GPS Location in the food photos taken with a GPS Map Camera. Food bloggers can simply capture and record diverse foods in various locations all over the world. Without forgetting the name, place, city, state, or country. Clicking and recording pictures and videos through the GPS camera lite app will make your scene more enrich and improve.