AI Reimagines and Creates Snow-Covered Indian States! Looks Magical

AI reimagines and creates snow-covered Indian states like Delhi and Kolkata. It looks magical, stunning, and dreamy.

An artist named Angshuman Choudhary shared beautiful AI-generated images which show the cities covered in blankets of snow. He reimagines and created snow-covered Indian states using Artificial Intelligence. The Twitter post depicted Delhi’s iconic India Gate and Kolkata’s streets with trams and old cars. The art looks magical and dreamy.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated images are becoming a trend on Twitter, unlike the AI-generated images of Indian wedding couples. The Twitter post showing the snow-covered Indian states, the nation’s capital Delhi and ex-capital Kolkata, grabbed the attention of the netizens. Angshuman thought ‘how Delhi would look like during a heavy snowfall?’. With the help of AI, he came up with a creation that looked no less magical. Technology makes impossible tasks like photo editing complete in less than a minute. The creator of the viral post said he created the images using Mid journey software

With users sharing a flurry of artsy illustrations on social media, AI art has become the new trend on these platforms. Angshuman’s creations have left users mesmerized and fascinated. His magical post which showed snow-clad pictures of Delhi and Kolkata has transported the users to a wonderland as the pictures exude a fairytale-like aura. However, AI-generated images have not received a warm welcome on the internet recently, this post went viral and received the attention of the users. The post hit more than 98K likes and received several reactions. One user commented, “There’s just something so romantic about Delhi.” Another person said, “Interesting, even for someone who’s not a snow fan, but I’d rather stick to reality. The snow would change the local culture and worse, would inflict misery on a lot of people. I wonder how many people would find beauty in these images, though.” And another user said, “Gorgeous. Wonder how Madras and Bombay would look.” People responded to the images as spellbinding.


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