A Sneak Peek Into The Future Of Metaverse In India

Future Of Metaverse In India

Future Of Metaverse In IndiaPlutoverse launches its teaser giving the audience a glimpse into the world of avatars

Mumbai, 14th March 2020: Tech entertainment company Plutoverse’s recent teaser release showcases what it has in store for its users in the Plutoverse who are looking forward to living in virtual realities.

The teaser launch is a sneak peek into the world of Plutoverse and a glimpse of what they have to offer in the Web 3.0 generation. Plutoverse is a virtual world where users can interact through their digital avatars and socialize, play, and earn while living in Plutoverse. The team is also currently in the process of introducing some of the nation’s beloved celebrities’, Influencers, and brands’ virtual avatars.

The team at Plutoverse doesn’t envision a dystopian Metaverse where users are disconnected from reality. They see a Metaverse where your real and fictional worlds are connected more than ever, where your real world enhances the quality of your life behind the glasses and vice versa. The company aims to enable people to find their own communities outside of their physical boundaries, monetize doing what they really like, and build a life they aim to live.

Plutoverse focuses on making the virtual world more accessible to a wide range of economies and not gatekeeping it to only individuals with a high capacity to spend, unlike most virtual worlds. The platform aims to enable its users to build communities based on similar interests, likes and dislikes, and values, ensuring the users and their avatars feel a sense of belongingness. They’re misfits who want to build a world for misfits.

While talking about the teaser, co-founder Prashant Sharma says, “Our Platform development for the past few months has been great. We are very excited to share this teaser of our world. We have tons of exciting things under development at Plutoverse for people looking to have great virtual experiences with their friends.”


About Plutoverse:

Plutoverse is a virtual world where users can socialize, build, and earn. They aim to tell stories inspired by and tailormade for Gen Z and Millennials. The avatar technology company is currently building a metaverse of extraordinary homegrown characters in India. The company intends to be a trailblazer that will lead the future of entertainment, virtual technology, and storytelling in India.

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