A Look at 10 Best Influencer Marketing Tools in 2021

A Look at 10 Best Influencer Marketing Tools in 2021 A Look at 10 Best Influencer Marketing Tools in 2021

A Look at 10 Best Influencer Marketing Tools in 2021

Influencer marketing tools help boost your marketing campaign performance

Every business today is competing with each other to build and retain their audience. It is crucial to learn more about them and build trust for better customer experience and satisfaction. This is where influencer marketing comes in, keeping brand loyalty at top of companies’ marketing campaigns. Influencer marketing is the next level of traditional marketing, involving a brand collaborating with an online influencer to market one of its products or services. An influencer can be anyone today as it was earlier limited to celebrities and dedicated bloggers. They can let you know about a product that you want and help in your purchasing decisions.
Influencers are individuals who have their own keen and enthusiastic audience. The report shows that 92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from people they know while 70 percent trust the experiences of their peers. But how individuals and businesses can find impactful influencers that can help them to get exciting outcomes?
Let’s have a look at the 10 best influencer marketing tools to boost marketing performance and get intriguing results in 2021.


BuzzSumo is a leader in the marketing space that provides a unique collection of data to benefit marketers. As a powerful influencer marketing tool, Buzzsumo allows users to find out popular content by topic or on any website. Apart from providing content insights, this tool offers influencer information, alerts, and competitor analysis. Using Buzzsumo relies on where an individual is in their content marketing and what he/she hopes to achieve.


GroupHigh allows an individual to quickly find any influencer or blogger’s contact information. This influencer marketing tool has both influencer research and outreach features. It also has a large database of over 15 million active bloggers and allows users to easily search for the relevant ones by content, reach, social following, location, and more filters. Additionally, GroupHigh lets users review the usual promotional tactics used by different influencers such as giveaways or sponsored posts.


As social media and web monitoring tool, Awario allows users to harness the power of influencer marketing using the right tools. It provides a shortcut to the most influential people in a brand’s niche and let them take a sneak peek at competitors’ influencers. Awario lets users find out influencers by any topic, campaign, and brand/company. With this marketing tool, a marketer can also set up ongoing monitoring for specific keywords and view an influencer report to see the most influential accounts for that topic over time.


Keyhole offers an easy-to-use dashboard that allows a user to build and share reports instantly, saving hundreds of hours a year. Its social listening, influencer tracking and social media analytics products help marketers improve their social media strategy and prove their impact on colleagues and clients. It allows them to prove their impact with instant reports from their social monitoring. Moreover, Keyhole provides trustworthy analytics and authenticated data to take the guesswork out of influencer marketing campaigns.


Influencer outreach and research platform Pitchbox helps users find potential influencers via a simple keyword search. With multiple prospecting profiles and intuitive keyword search, this marketing tool allows them to find influencers in their niche in a matter of seconds and integrations with top SEO services, such as Moz, Majestic, SEMRush, Ahrefs, and LRT help users to find only the most authoritative influencers.


FameBit connects brands with the right YouTube content creators based on their content requirements. It is an easy-to-use and convenient influencer marketing tool to find, hire and work with YouTube Influencers and create brand awareness with tutorial videos. Through FameBit, users can get data like how many followers each influencer has, how often they post, and the average engagement they receive from their followers.


Klear is a smart influencer marketing platform that helps brands build, scale and measure influencer campaigns. This tool allows users to easily identify influencers by category and location. Its advanced filters let them focus by influence tier, social channel, audience demographics, niche topics and more. Klear is also able to match brands with the most germane creators for their audience, across the leading social networks.


NinjaOutreach is an influencer marketing and blogger outreach software allowing to find Instagram and YouTube influencers with the most powerful social engine on the web. Users can create effective influencer marketing campaigns by filtering through millions of influencers’ insights to find the one that captures their target audience’s attention. NinjaOutreach lets brands find business profiles and social media influencers in any niche and location by just typing their keywords and get access to millions of profiles and email addresses in a huge influencer database.


Influsoft is the latest influencer marketing platform designed to make marketers’ lives much easier. Designed by a team of award-winning influencer marketing pioneers, Influsoft has a highly-detailed discovery module so that users can make in-depth searches of the millions of influencers database. This marketing tool also has a Plan module where users can undertake all the upfront tasks needed for a campaign.


Tagger is an all-in-one influencer marketing platform and social listening tool. Its influencer marketing platform is designed to up level brand’s user experience and ROI. It gives access to the most accurate and reliable data, makes the user experience seamless and secure while ensuring that users can get the most out of the platform every step of the way.