A Fresh Incoming Blow in the Face of Google from India Again!



India penalizes Google once again! And this time for abusing the Andriod TV market

India is smacking Google with one penalty after another. This is the third time that India is imposing another penalty on Google, this time for the abuse and domination of the smart TV market. People with direct knowledge about Google’s illicit practices have helped the Director General of the Competition Commission of India (CCI) to conclude the investigation. Last month, the regulator has already issued two orders against the US technology giant, levying a total fine of over INR 2,000 crore. Seems like India has had enough of Google’s attempts to forcefully dominate the tech industry.

Back in June 2021, the CCI approved an investigation into the alleged market abuse and dominance by Google. The commission was acting on behalf of a complaint filed by lawyers from two different trusts. Television manufacturers have to enter into a licensing agreement with Google to use its platform, the terms of such licensing agreements are prohibited for equipment manufacturers. The informants have also stated that Google Play Store comes pre-installed in TVs manufactured by those who enter into this licensing agreement, whereas, the services are not available to others, outside the agreement.

The investigation has been based on various complaints imposed by informants which essentially revolve around the denial of market access to any manufacturer who does not want to enter into a licensing agreement with Google.

Both Google and Apple’s market monopoly has been an issue for several other tech manufacturers. Both the tech giants have been previously accused of prohibiting developers from taking outside methods of payments from customers, hence, continuing to earn a side commission. Indian developers have objected to these malicious practices before, and now it seems like even the government is forced to react to their abuse of power.