A Few Prompts and Robots will Write Codes: Preaches Google



Google wants robots to write codes and advance efficiency in its coding and development domain

Technological disruption is the new trend among modern businesses. Starting from smart TVs and technologically advanced kitchen applications to online games, puzzles, and OTTs. Hence, due to these reasons, there have emerged several new jobs that focus on creating significant job roles that work on innovation and development. Major tech companies like Meta and Google are working towards advancing research and development in AI. New research claims that Google’s AI event demonstrated signs that the company would want to develop robotic systems to effectively write their code! Robots are automating all industrial processes and now the big tech giant is focused on making robots write codes.

The concept of making robots write code is aimed to make coding hassle-free, enabling coders and programmers to focus on more important matters at hand. The company denoted that the existing research and trained models can be quite effective in implementing the proposed concept. All of the work can prove to be quite crucial to generate their codes, according to the various objects and scenarios that the developers encounter in the real world. The new work on display is known as Code as Policies (CaP).

The system relies on third-party libraries and APIs to best generate the code suited to a specific scenario. The information accessible in those APIs is one of the existing limitations at present. Google is also focused on releasing open-source versions of the code that is accessible through its GitHub site to build on the research that has been presented until now. In a nutshell, almost all big tech companies are attempting to dominate the tech industry, and it is no surprise that Google is coming up with various initiatives to continue to dominate the industry.