7 Latest Chatbot Innovations that Might Leave You in Awe

Chatbot innovations

Chatbot innovations in the recent past are helping businesses and brands grow

Chatbots are quickly evolving to assess their advantages in real-life scenarios. Today, almost every business organization is relying on chatbot innovations in one way or the other. They are useful, conversational, and easy to use. Powered with artificial intelligence, chatbots are used to conduct conversations with people via voice notes or text inputs. The sole aim of chatbots is to imitate human speech and give the right answer at the right time. Starting from small organizations to big brands, everybody is using chats to communicate with customers and market their products. Over the past few years, chatbots in business have gained prominence like never before. Many chatbot innovations are also designed to address the growing business concerns while also fulfilling their customers’ needs and necessities. Chatbots can guide customers through the marketing funnel, keep people engaged after sales, etc. Chatbot innovations in the recent past have made businesses and brands feel awe. IndustryWired has listed latest chatbot innovations that are worthy to not down.


Top Chatbot Innovations to Note Down


eZ Cash Viber BOT

Sri Lanka’s largest mobile money platform, eZ Cash, has partnered with Rakuten Viber to launch the first-ever chatbot payments via Viber app in Sri Lanka. The payment chatbot called ‘eZ Cash Viber BOT’, enables users to register and access their eZ Cash Waller via the VIber app. It further eases the burden to send money, conduct reloads, settle bills, utility, and other institutional payments with greater convenienc.



For the first time, a company has come up with a chatbot that requires zero training data or coding for businesses of all sizes. Yes, ZeroShotBot has launched a disruptive conversational AI technology that can be scalable within hours. It requires no training data, enabling anyone to create a functional chatbot. The creator doesn’t have to be tech-savvy.


Fareportal’s Chatbot

Fareportal, a travel tech company powering online travel agencies like CheapOair and One Travel, is enhancing the power of chatbots by using natural language understanding to mimic human conversation. With this 24/7 working chatbot, customers can search for flights, request help with their existing booking, and make changes or even cancel their booking. While trivial issues are sorted by the chatbot, it redirects complex queries to human servers.



Built by Engati, the COVIDAsha chatbot is built on Engati and is available on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Telegram. It helps users connect with suppliers directly when they are in grave need of oxygen, plasma, and ambulances. Besides responding in English, the chatbot can also communicate in four other Indian regional languages.



The non-profit organization, UNICEF bot, is using a chatbot to give voice to the marginalized communities from across the globe. U-Report helps people speak out about their needs and requirements on behalf of their communities. It also works immensely on poll by sending out prepared questions to collect data.



The influence of chatbots in the healthcare industry is no joke. But the technology is taking an intense step towards medical facilities by introducing a chatbot for Alzheimer’s patients. Russian technology company Endurance has developed a companion chatbot to identify deviations in conversational branches that may indicate a problem with immediate recollection.


Marvel Chatbot

Marvel has a huge fan base. Although Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, 2016, was not very impressive, the movie made viewers remember the space pirate-turned-intergalactic-hero Star-Lord. Therefore, the company has come up with a Star-Lord chatbot that interacts with lovers.

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