7 Best and Free Website Builders to Look Out For in 2021

These are some of the best website builders that make website creating a smooth and efficient procedure.

Website builders

Website builders

Creating a website has now become a fun and relatively hassle-free experience in the present. With the emergence of new technologies, website owners do not need any prior knowledge about coding or HTML and FTP. With several website builders, it has become confusing to choose the most suitable one that will meet the demands of the users.

Website building applications enable users to design, improvise and maintain a personal website, depending on the time and effort one chooses to invest. This article provides a list of the top free website builders this year has to offer.

  • Wix: Wix is one of the widely used site builders that offers hundreds of page templates, which are attractively designed, drag-and-drop elements, a menu of easily accessible widgets, and several other facilities. For users who want to create an online website with minimal effort and maximum creative freedom, Wix will be a perfect choice.
  • Weebly: It has a similar drag-and-drop feature to Wix and is extremely user-friendly. The platform also offers SEO tools, which gives the website a lot of scopes for growth. Weebly stands out as the best platform for small businesses, as it is easy to set up and beginner-friendly.
  • Webnode: Recently, the platform revamped the editor, giving a more refined and modern look. The themes provided are stylish and responsive. It can publish the operator’s template straightaway. The users can access the editor directly from the mail. Once the access is confirmed, the users are good to go.
  • WordPress: WordPress is by far the most used internet content management in the world. It was founded in 2003 and is an open source-based platform that provides hosting services for more than 500 sites built every day. The primary reason why so many people use this platform is because of its simplicity in usability, its free plan, and templates, and several other features.
  • Site123: Site123 claims to be one of the most easy-to-use website builders. It is very user-friendly and is also cost-effective. The templates and designed offered by this platform are minimalistic and fresh. Site123 is one of the best platforms to build a small website from a premade template, quickly. It enables its users to pick their preferences after which the site algorithms customize a personalized list of very straightforward templates and enhances customer experiences.
  • SimpleSite: As the name suggests, SimpleSite is a simple website builder, but it has some interesting perks built to its platform. For those who cannot access a desktop or a laptop and are always on the go, the platform’s mobile editor is one of its best features. It emphasizes speed over perfection, which is evident in its simple page editor.
  • GoDaddy: GoDaddy is a giant in the domain name and web hosting business. As one of the most beginner-friendly website builders, it focuses on making things easy with its simple-to-edit mobile-friendly templates, useful add-ons such as email marketing tools, blogs, appointment planners, and member pages. Its standard free plan offers a variety of services and SEO options that help aspiring content creators.


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