5must-haves that will help you Work From Home like a pro

Work from home

Work from home

The second wave of COVID-19 took everyone by surprise and with speculations being rife around an upcoming third wave, this has caused alarm among people in India.. Even as come cities ease their lockdown restrictions, most of India Inc.  is not going back to office at least before September this year. Even with things returning to ‘normal’ in the corporate world, work from home (WFH) seems to be the new norm.

As remote working is here to stay for longer than expected, here are 6 WFH (work from home) essentials for everyone.


Syska Smart Table Lamp

Work from home


In sync with this “go-smart” trend that seems to have invaded Indian homes, here is a fine piece of technology that can truly give our homes a high-tech look and accentuate your work desk at home. Syska Smart Table Lamp is a Wi-Fi-enabled lamp which is compatible with Amazon Alexa service and can be controlled using voice commands given by the user. So for example, if you are taking a mini break to the kitchen and forgot to turn off the lamp, you can always command Alexa to do so. Whether you’re looking for a study lamp for your child or an LED lamp for your workstation, you can buy this top trending table lamp by Syska on Amazon. This is one of the best work-from-home essentials to increase your productivity levels.


WPS office


One of the biggest office suites in India, WPS Office has always been a great app for users of Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android. Users of this office suite always find incredible features like dark mode, WPS Cloud, and file designs very appealing. The WPS Office is an office suite app that comes in one’s mind while thinking about great mobile software for creating, editing and reading documents and files, especially PDF. Switching from Microsoft Office to WPS Office is one of the easiest transitions you can make in your digital life. In less than 30 minutes, you could be using a whole new office suite with a smooth user interface and unique features. So if you’re on your grocery run, and need to urgently check a presentation for your team, WPS comes to your rescue. You can download this app here.


Goldmedal I-Strip 205101 LED Spike Guard


While work from home, you will need a product that can take care of your device charging requirements while increasing your comfort and convenience. Equipped with 6 international sockets with surge protection, overload protection and a power cord of 2 metres length, Goldmedal’s I-Strip 205101 LED Spike Guard can charge multiple devices such as your laptop, smartphone and power bank, at one go. The device can even be wall mounted making it easy to plug-in and plug-out at ease.  Goldmedal’s I-Strip 205101 LED Spike Guard is priced at Rs. 1162/- only and is available in all electrical retail stores and also on Amazon for a discounted price.


Black & Decker coffee machine for your virtual break

Work from home


It’s only when people started work from home, they realised how much they’ve appreciated the casual water cooler conversations that actually breed creativity and collaboration. It was also a nice ice breaking sessions with new employees, or a catch with your friend from the other department. But while we are working from home (work from home), this should not stop. Of course, we can replace the water with coffee, and have virtual coffee dates with our favourite co-worker. With the Black & Decker coffee machine, you can quickly make your office-style coffee and enjoy a hot cuppa while working. This coffee machine comes with a removable drip tray, Permanent filter and a single coffee cup. It also has a pull-out filter holder making it easy to clean, and the compact design is convenient and space saving. You can buy this on Amazon at just Rs. 1199/-


Let yourself chill, with some Netflix

Work from home


A vast swath of the country is still stuck at home as it is vital to stay safe indoors to protect ourselves and others – but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time. Imagine a long hectic work week, and then nowhere to go but stay at home even on weekends. And watching the same news over and over again is even more stressful. You can always buy a Netflix subscription (try to keep the credentials to yourself, JK). Binge watch some T.V shows or watch some informative documentaries. If you’re a Bollywood movie buff, watch some 2000’s movies, and cook some popcorns for the cinema feels. You can buy the subscription here at a price as low as INR 199/-.