5 potentially easy-to-overlook benefits of B2B content marketing



Content marketing isn’t just an effective marketing tactic for B2C companies, it’s also a successful strategy for B2B businesses. According to research, the B2B marketing teams with the highest success rates spend 40% of their marketing budget on content marketing.

Content marketing offers a strategy to cut through the noise and provide B2B buyers with exactly what they need when they need it. Thus, no B2B business can afford to miss out on the prodigious benefits of content marketing. You may already be aware of some of the benefits B2B content marketing offers, or perhaps you know none at all – well, in this guide, we’ll break down five more easy-to-overlook benefits.


1.Stand out and boost your social media presence

You may not think it, but many B2B businesses are yet to find major success with social media marketing – at least not on all platforms. While social media marketing may seem like a tool that exists to drive traffic to your website, it’s actually so much more than that.

An effective B2B social media strategy can increase leads, engagement, and also brand exposure. It is a wise move to share informative content on your social media platforms in order to draw in new customers and form connections with other businesses.

2.You can constantly optimise your content

The ability to optimise content whenever is beneficial for a number of reasons. With content, you can easily determine what is working and what isn’t. Every piece of content you post on any platform can now be easily measured and evaluated to determine whether it is achieving your marketing objectives. Whether it’s optimising B2B landing pages or optimising Facebook posts, optimisation is a huge advantage for any business.


3.Builds trust and credibility

By delivering relevant content to the appropriate audience at the right time, you can demonstrate to potential customers that you are paying attention to their needs and concerns, which, in turn,  will win them over. This also allows you to build trust and credibility with customers by providing content tailored to them.

The best way to engage with customers is through content – be it videos, graphics or written content. Engagement is guaranteed to form a relationship and trust with customers.


4.A better ROI

Forbes found that content marketing generates 3 times as many sales lead while costing 62% less than conventional outbound marketing methods. Furthermore, B2B businesses that implement content marketing generate more than twice as many leads as those that don’t. So, not only is content marketing more cost-effective than other strategies, it’s even more effective than other tactics and provides a better return on investment. Content can be created in-house or by someone third parties such as a freelancer or content agency. Either way, content can be written, created and produced cost-efficiently for amazing results.


5.B2B content marketing gets more leads

One of the best strategies for increasing website traffic is content marketing. Quality content drives more traffic and increased traffic generates more leads. Leads are drawn to your website when you create relevant content that addresses the needs and demands of prospective buyers.


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