5 Nanotechnology Stocks to Buy for High ROI



Nanotechnology has revolutionized many industries, offering myriad opportunities to businesses

Nanotechnology represents a revolutionary technological advancement. It is designed to provide a nanoscale-based approach to different areas, especially cancer diagnosis and treatment. Nanoscale devices are able to interact with large biological molecules on both the surface and inside cells involved in cancer. Nanotechnology could help surge manufacturing production while lowering costs. Developments in this technology enable advancements in ways that are currently profound.

Nanotechnology has multiple applications and is being used actively in computers, microchips, chemicals and devices people use today. The use of this technology will continue to excel and bring ground-breaking innovations across industries in the years ahead. Nanotechnology stocks promise a huge potential to drive change and provide investors a higher return on investment.

IndustryWired has compiled a list of top 5 nanotechnology stocks to buy for high ROI.


Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific is the world leader in serving science to healthcare, life science, and other laboratories in academia, government, and industry. The company provides analytical and other instruments, laboratory equipment, software, consumables, reagents, instrument systems, chemicals, supplies, and services. According to Thermo Fisher Scientific, its nanotechnology studies will lead to adaptable clothing that repels stains, odors, and water. The company anticipated its revenue to grow by 20% to around US$30.5 billion for 2020.



Intel Corporation designs, manufactures and sells essential technologies for the cloud, smart, and connected devices. The company recently introduced a 10-nanometer manufacturing technology that is reportedly expected to strengthen the number of transistors per chip by a factor of 2.7 compared to current nanotechnologies. In 2020, Intel stock climbed on improving prospects but fallen in the face of the coronavirus stock market crash. However, it bounced back in its last two quarterly earnings reports.


Onto Innovation

Onto Innovation is a Massachusetts, U.S.-based semiconductor company. It provides a broad range of software products designed to improve yield, control processes and minimize manufacturing costs. The company belongs to the Zacks Nanotechnology industry and has an expected earnings growth rate of 10.8% last year.



IBM scientists and engineers have years of experience in nanotechnology and continue to break new ground in this field. In 2017, the company announced a new experimental laboratory for nanotechnology research in Brazil. Last year, IBM announced to spin off a US$19 billion technology consulting business so it can focus more intently on cloud computing and artificial intelligence. In the last 8 years, IBM has invested over US$120 billion in remaking the company.



DuPont is a chemicals company and a materials leader, operating across diverse industries and markets. The company has several materials that it has developed for commercialization based on nanotech. DuPont is a creator of Kevlar, an aramid (aromatic polyamides), which has the potential to improve performance, strength and protection. In addition to this, the company also manufactures Tyvek and Nomex.