4 CRM Players That Provide Essential Services to the Healthcare Industry

CRM players

CRM players

The pandemic along with its emergencies has urged us human beings to take to healthcare more seriously – be it the prevention, diagnosis, medical follow-ups, and so many important reasons. Further, the growth in the number of patients afflicted by Covid still remains considerably high. We, therefore, are seeing healthcare players focus on patient engagement and their satisfaction as they have realized how essential it is to deliver superior customer service and customer experience do the needful.

And to meet such needs, the Healthcare Industry is profoundly relying on CRM platforms that assist them to manage interactions with patients, doctors, and other caregivers. The software helps streamline interactions keeping people more connected and satisfied, provides seamless support, optimizes billing processes and so many other productive reasons.

Enlisted below are key CRM players that assist the healthcare industry with better patient and doctor management.


Kapture CRM

Kapture is a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant healthcare CRM ensuring optimal protection of medical records and personal health information. In compliance with the Act, the software conveniently enforces a standardized view of the healthcare data across medical bodies. In fact, every API – Shopify, ERP, WooCommerce, Unicommerce, Magento, Socialmedia, and Logistics Partners, associated with the platform complies with HIPAA. Kapture offers personalized solutions for businesses and is absolutely customizable, as per needs. Further, its implementation cycle on average is 30 days. The software is capable of storing information pertaining to the patient as well as of people associated with the medical fraternity – doctor/physician/caregiver. On the patient front, every individual’s account allows for the storage of basic information and other contact details, customisable dashboards which allow for reading old reports, becoming aware of upcoming events, ongoing treatments, and insights on treatment histories and billing information. While on the doctor’s end, the software lets you know their availability in real-time, patients presently being diagnosed, upcoming appointments, emergency contact numbers, specialties covered in the past, and a lot more.



Freshdesk, a CRM platform with an easy-to-use API that makes it simple for small and midsize businesses. The platform also provides its services to the Healthcare industry by supporting its clients, understanding the customer intent, and a better experience. The software also has features such as an intuitive user-friendly interface on both desktop and mobile devices which provides fast access to the client records and communication. Therefore, repeated tasks can be automated which leads to enhanced productivity along with effective workload management. The company’s CRM software also offers to streamline patients’ queries regarding the doctors and the caregiver’s details along with the hospital’s updates through calls and emails which reduces time consumption and effort.


Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is an end-to-end CRM platform having a worldwide network and caters to its services across different countries by helping them to engage and grow their businesses. Zoho work drive offers a compliance-driven file management system for healthcare which helps to improve operational efficiency and also enhances patient care by keeping constant information of patients over every section that leads hospitals to provide effective services. Apart from this, the software creates a single archive for all crucial patient records like medical history, insurance details, medical reports, prescriptions, and discharge summaries making the task accessible and accurate. Therefore the Work Drive provides role-based access to ensure complete protection of records and prevents misuse of data as you can give the data access to the team accordingly as per your need and concerns.



Zendesk is a service-centric CRM that caters its services to enterprises and startups according to the technology they require to improve customer relationships and their growth. The company also provides its services to healthcare organizations for better customer engagement and experiences. Therefore, Zendesk has secure, flexible, and easy-to-use solutions for seamless patient-centric support with virtual care which makes it simpler for health providers to retain and attract patients. With the Zendesk Support Suite, it’s easy to avail services across channels like phone, chat, email, text that helps patients to communicate on the basis of their needs and wants to result in providers enhancing patient experiences for better results and continuous growth. The company’s role-based permissions and secure documentation system records the patient’s details and secures them with all applicable privacy and data protection laws.


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