2021: Top 10 Innovative Tech Companies to Watch Out For in the UK

IndustryWired has picked the top 10 innovative tech companies in the UK based on their performance and services

In the technology sphere, discoveries and advances are something that happens pretty much every day. However, while some companies follow the routine criteria and provide regular solutions, some others take a step further to deliver innovative tech products. The United Kingdom is one of the front-running countries that try its luck between the United States and China. Dominating European venture funding at a massive EURO 1.4 billion, the United Kingdom’s technology industry is booming, thanks to artificial intelligence. One thing that makes UK companies strive to perform well is their target to receive a large grant for specific innovation projects. In 2020 alone, more than 1,000 high-growth companies in the United Kingdom secured innovation grants. This is helping the country’s technology market rise above others. IndustryWired has picked the top 10 innovative tech companies in the UK based on their performance and services.


Top 10 innovative tech companies in the United Kingdom

Market Finance

Market Finance is a UK-based fintech company that unlocks the cash tied up in customers’ invoices. Founded in 2010 by Anil Stocker, Ilya Kondrashov, and Charles Delingpole, the company improves consumers’ cash flow by accessing money owed to them, quickly and easily without committing all of their accounts. The fintech company is specialized in invoice finance, business loans, and corporate finance. 

Tokamak Energy

Tokamak Energy is a cleantech company working to advance the development of commercial energy production through fusion, using devices that combine plasma in a magnetic field along with superconductors. Tokamak Energy believes that the world can have abundant energy that doesn’t harm the planet and takes footsteps to fulfill that purpose. The company’s world-class group of scientists and engineerings offer the smallest and most cost-effective solutions. Tokamak Energy’s unique approach is centered on rapid innovation using the latest materials and technology, but building on decades of scientific research and experience.


Animal Dynamics

Animal Dynamics is a spinout company from the Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford. Animal Dynamics delivers bio-inspired solutions that positively impact and protect both nature and humanity. Founded in 2015, the company aims to bring to market innovative systems that radically improve the way cargo is delivered. 



CheckRecipient is a London-based start-up that uses machine learning to prevent emails from being sent to the wrong recipient. Founded in 2013 by three engineering graduates from Imperial College, the company’s email security platform utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to make sure sensitive or confidential data cannot be sent to the wrong email address. 



Revolt is a fintech company that offers banking services. Founded in 2015, Revolt launched services like offering money transfer and exchange. Across the company’s personal and business accounts, Revolt helps customers improve their financial health, gives them more control, and connects people seamlessly across the world. The company offers accounts that feature currency exchange, debit cards, virtual cards, Apple pay, interest-bearing vaults, commission-free stock trading, crypto, commodities, and other services.



Behavox is an Artificial intelligence-driven platform that enables users to aggregate, analyze, and act on their entire organization’s data. The company uses AI to also convert data into actionable information that protects and promotes business growth. Behovox unifies all types of data into a single data lake, allowing users to query the data and apply machine learning to identify capital markets misconduct and insider threats. 



Darktrace is an artificial intelligence company that specializes in cybersecurity and cyber defense. Founded in 2013 by mathematicians and cyber experts from government intelligence backgrounds, Darktrace has fundamentally transformed the ability of organizations to defend their most critical assets in the face of rising cyber threats.



Deliveroo is an online food delivery company that operates in over two hundred locations across the United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, etc. By delivering fast and reliable delivery which customers can track on their phone, Deliveroo has seen revenue growth of over 650% year on year. In order to transform the way customers’ eat, the company has selected the best and popular restaurants in the particular region



Diffblue is a software company that automatically generates tests for Java code to enable development teams to deliver higher quality software, faster. Diffblue’s technology is developed by its team of leading experts in software verification and synthesis. Some of the exclusive customers of the company include Goldman Sachs and Amazon Web Services.


Oxford VR

Oxford VR is a virtual reality company that transforms mental health for millions of people with the help of VR. Oxford VR aims to deliver evidence-based psychological treatments using state-of-the-art immersive technology. The company takes a cognitive therapy approach, basing therapeutic techniques on a tested theoretical model of each problem.