11 Tactics To Improve SEO Rankings Post The 2021 Core Update

In the past few years of more updates and recommendations by Google, there have been several changes that websites need to take care of, especially the YMYL websites. These are medical, financial, or legal niche sites. Major broad core algorithm updates have given either considerably positive or negative outcomes to several websites. There has been either a significant increase or a major decrease in the organic traffic of the websites. If your website has been affected negatively due to this and the recovery can be challenging.

And things can be so hard that all the efforts to recover the website from core updates can fall into a blind pit. You might want to understand what advice Google has for helping you recover from these problems. However, Google does not offer any significant reassurance or way out to counter this situation. 

You may continue to make efforts, but the real results may not come until the next update rolls out. Or sometimes, it can be several updates later.

Relax! This is not the end of it! That you cannot do anything to recover from it may not be true; what you need is a significant effort in the right direction, putting in more time and effort. 

The need to address the EAT issues: The previous updates on Google have given rise to several discussions in SEO, and many website owners facing a tough situation want to blame EAT for the overall performance decline. However, experts recommend implementing the following ten strategies for improving the SEO rankings.

Be On-Spot with Trust signals: Are the trust signals of your website in place? Sometimes, the only reason for a drop in ranking and traffic can be a low trust signal. For example, if there are an exceptionally higher number of negative reviews on your website, it can lead to Google pulling down your rank. If people leave a negative review on your website, make sure that you reply to it and offer the solution to their concerns. Helping them take their negative review away will prove helpful and add to your site’s trustworthiness.

The Content Matters: Make sure that your website does not have tin content or duplicate content issues. Low-quality content will quickly bring down the ranking and traffic on your website. If there is any thin or low-quality content on the website, make sure to replace it with a well-researched one. A good content marketing strategy requires you to get an insight into how your content can earn more trustworthiness and authority for your site. Apart from focusing on your website’s on-page optimization, here are the other things you need to focus on to improve content quality. 

  • Improve the content quality: External linking, when done right, enhances your site’s SEO. Google will help ensure that Google can connect the content and the different sites from \where you source it.

You can add value to your content if you include the findings and research on your website. This will make your content stand out from others and also improve the SEO ranking of your website.

  • Your posts must reflect real expertise: All the posts you have made on your site or in guest posting blogs should have the author’s bio and their byline. This practice not only gives transparency about the authors but also acts as an inherent ranking factor. A significant effort top-ranking website owners make is getting the website content reviews and approval by experts. The kind of website can be medical professionals, legal experts or financial advisors, or psychologists. Get your website content written by field experts. Even though having such content may not be a direct ranking factor, it will significantly improve your website’s content quality. Overall, it will boost the trustworthiness of your website, which will eventually improve the website’s rankings.
  • Add Content with Scientific and Medical consensus: Before you post any content on the website, make sure that it does not contradict the result you may get from it because this can result in a low rating of your website and loss of trustworthiness. It can become an issue in different medical and alternative medicine websites that publish content opposite highly trusted publications on WebMD and Mayo Clinic sites.

Don’t Use Intrusive Ads: Google’s prime motive is to give a good user experience. So long as your content and your ads help the users, Google is happy with Ads. But, if the Ads become too intrusive on the site and hinder the way the users experience in any way, Google doesn’t like it. The ads on your site shouldn’t get aggressive.

Many sites used ads as a clickbait strategy, which caused a great distraction to users and did not let them access the content.  In Google’ Page Experience Update in mAy 2021, intrusive interstitials determine if the interstitials like Ads and pop up do not hinder User’s experience.

Before making anything part of your website, make sure that everything is set within the guidelines of Google for giving users a great experience.

Put Ad Disclosures and Editorial Policies in Place: Having a disclaimer, site’s advertising policy, and privacy policy in place can be beneficial. It is necessary to have the complete process highly transparent to add to the website’s credibility. Have an About page having the details of the people who are involved in your company. In the case of YMYL sites like the dentistry website or the medico-legal website, you should include the details of team member’s qualifications. Maintain a website blog that should have individual pieces of content. Always ensure that you have the author’s name on the website. It is still better if an expert also reviews the content. In this case, add the details of the reviewing experts as well.

Is Your Website Technically Sound?: It is important to address the EAT issues, content quality, and user experience, which will surely be good for your website. However, make sure that you do not ignore the technical SEO aspects. If Google cannot crawl or index your website, it will prove futile to address the other aspects of your website. The better the technical quality of your website, the greater the quality of user experience it renders to the users. If the page speed is good and the website is easily navigable for the owners, you do not find any AMP errors, and there shouldn’t also be canonicalization issues present on your website. The technical issues in your website cause a bad user experience and prevent the bots from crawling and indexing your website. Therefore, a technical SEO audit is the most important part of improving your website’s SEO.

Does Your Website Serve the Local Intent?: Carrying local intent keyword research periodically is essential. You may find that keywords that were generic at once are now a part of the local intent. It will be necessary to create a strategy for making the keyword work in local search strategies. The experts of SEO India will tell you how this can significantly impact your site’s authority. 

Link Building: This is the process of getting the other websites to link on your website. You will find that marketers and website owners who want to build links will drive the referral traffic to enhance the website’s authority. Backlinks are still an essential factor even though Google algorithms are complex and ever-changing. There can be a right way or a wrong way to build links on your site. It is necessary to take care of the long-term viability of a website and a business by building its natural backlinks. You can create quality links for improving your website’s organic rankings while taking care of Google’s guidelines. 

Choose high DA websites to build links for your website. Moreover, if you are a B2B SEO Agency, you must carve an SEO strategy to reach out to the decision-makers in the industry. Always make sure that you use the author bio with the publication on the guest blog. This will help to build the trustworthiness and authoritativeness of your website. Remember, alongside external linking, you also need to work on your website’s internal linking. 

To learn more about tactics to increase your rankings and organic traffic, reach out to the experts at SEO Experts Company India.