10 Most Innovative Startups in Canada to Keep an Eye on in 2021

innovative startups in Canada

Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. The development and growth of manufacturing, mining, and service sectors have transformed the country from a largely rural economy to an urbanized, industrial one. In the last few years, increased support from the government such as funding, tax incentives, and even business visas have diligently cultivated a startup culture in Canada. While the country is recognized as the Silicon Valley
of the north, IndustryWired has listed the 10 most innovative startups in Canada worth looking at in 2021.


List of 10 most innovative startups to follow in 2021

Fusion Pharmaceuticals
Founded: 2014
Industry: Biotechnology
Fusion Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The company is focused on developing next-generation radiopharmaceuticals as precision medicines. Employing a proprietary Fast-Clear linker technology, Fusion connects alpha particle emitting isotopes to antibodies and other targeting molecules to selectively deliver the alpha-emitting payloads to tumors.



Founded: 2015
Industry: Consumer Services
Drop is a consumer services startup that employs artificial intelligence in e-commerce to provide a personalized customer experience to every shopper on their platform. As a customer loyalty program, Drop allows users to earn points using their linked debit or credit cards. The company's AI-powered sophisticated algorithm matches the right brand with the right customer at the right time.



Founded: 2014
Industry: Computer Software
Connected is a software product development firm located in downtown Toronto. The company was founded on the belief that a new category of the firm was needed to help ambitious companies leverage the power of product; not a dev shop, or a design agency, or a strategic consultancy, but a uniquely integrated product development firm, built for the long-term and driven by a singular focus on realizing business impact through software-powered products. Connected helps brands in the R&D phase, as well as development and launch, including everything in between.



Founded: 2012
Industry: Internet
Nudge is a communications platform that delivers tangible business results by helping non-desk workers stay informed, connected, and engaged at work. Backed by the power of behavioral science and the highest user ratings in its category, Nudge mobilizes non-desk teams by providing the information, inspiration, and insights employees need to exceed expectations and stay connected at work.


Rules Cube

Founded: 2013
Industry: Information Technology & Services
Rules Cube is a consulting firm specializing in digital transformation and IT management. Through deep industry experience, expertise, and knowledge, the company helps its clients build stronger foundations for their long-term success with future-proof technology. Rules Cube's vision is to use its Pega expertise to help its clients with digital transformation initiatives and lead efforts to bridge the gap between business and technology.



Founded: 2015
Industry: Healthcare
Maple is a virtual care platform that allows citizens in the country to see a doctor online within minutes, 24/7. Through Maple, patients can securely text, audio, or video chat with a Canadian-licensed doctor for diagnosis, treatment, and prescriptions. Maple also offers a wide variety of specialties such as dermatology, endocrinology, and mental health therapy, which can be booked in under 72 hours.



Founded: 2015
Industry: Computer Software

BenchSci is a Toronto-based innovative startup that uses AI to empower scientists to run more successful experiments to accelerate drug discovery. The company's vision is to bring medicine to patients 50% faster by 2025. BenchSci empowers scientists with the world’s most advanced biomedical artificial intelligence to run more successful experiments. The company's platform accelerates science at 15 top 20 pharmaceutical companies and over
4,300 leading research centers worldwide.



Founded: 2017
Industry: Computer Software
Integrate.ai is an applied AI enterprise software company. The company's mission is to build a future in which artificial intelligence enriches people's lives while creating better, more valuable businesses. To do this, Integrate.ai is building an AI-powered platform for B2C enterprises that integrates with business processes to make customer interactions more natural and valuable.


Founded: 2016
Industry: Human Resources
Humi is a complete, cloud-based HR software solution designed and built for companies in Canada. It started as a simple cloud-based web app that stored employee data. Four years later of its inception, the company became the leading all-in-one HR solution for Canadian businesses by supporting them in two other key areas – employee benefits and payroll. Companies like Google, Intellitix, Arctic Leaf, Capterra, Audiobooks.com, etc., are the
prominent clients of Humi.


Founded: 2014
Industry: Financial Services
Borrowell is a fintech company that offers free credit scores, education, and weekly credit monitoring. It also offers innovative digital tools like personalized credit coaching and AI-powered financial product recommendations. The company has a recommendation engine that assesses individuals' unique credit profiles to make personalized financial product recommendations. With over one million members, Borrowell is one of the largest fintech
companies in Canada.

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